(KRON) — Several Waymo vehicles appeared to be a little unsure of how to handle dense fog that impacted Balboa Terrace in San Francisco on Tuesday morning, Waymo confirmed to KRON4.

The company said the vehicles pulled over temporarily when they encountered the fog near San Aleso Avenue around 6 a.m. Once the fog in the area started to clear up, the vehicles were back on the move, Waymo said.

“We have software updates planned to improve our fog and parking performance to address such situations in the future.” — Waymo

This isn’t the first time a Waymo cruiser has had an unexpected response on San Francisco city streets. A self-driving car from the company stopped at a construction site in the city when it was unsure of what to do, Waymo told KRON4. Administrators with Waymo had the car moving again minutes later.

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In December, Waymo applied for a final permit required to for the company to offer self-driving services in San Francisco. Waymo currently offers self-driving rides, but a human driver is behind the wheel for safety.