(KRON) – For the next few days, we will see record heat. For many people that means finding ways to cool down. Beaches are always a great option, but it’s dangerous due to high tides and strong waves.

The string tides can be sneaker waves, which are deadly swells that can suddenly surge dozens of feet higher up the ocean without warning. Beachgoers encountering sneaker waves can be knocked down and dragged into the cold, turbulent ocean. Smaller sneaker waves can still be dangerous.

Here are tips for beachgoers to be safe around sneaker waves.

  • Never turn your back on the ocean
  • Stand back from waves 
  • Don’t swim in if you see someone in trouble, call 911
  •  If caught in a rip tide, float or tread water, swim parallel to shore to get out of the riptide
  • Observe wave activity from a distance 

The National Weather Service Bay Area said waves will break between 17-22 feet. The largest waves will pound Bay Area beaches that face west and northwest, according to the NWS.