ORINDA (KRON) — Family of one of the victims from the deadly Halloween party shooting in Orinda stopped by the growing memorial near City Hall Wednesday.

Omar Taylor Jr. was the DJ at the party.

His family says he died doing what he loved.

Last night — the chief of police told KRON4 that 24 investigators are working the investigation and that they uncovered hundreds of pieces of evidence from the party.

Law enforcement have not provided an update on the search for the suspect. 

Family members of the victims want the case solved.

“[The suspect] shot at innocent people who were going to have fun for a night. This is something that will never be forgiven,” said Arrielle Roper, the mother of Taylor’s daughter. 

Roper’s 3-year-old daughter misses her father.

“We love him. We miss him. His daughter misses him. Loves him more than anything. That was her superhero and now he’s gone,” Roper said. 

Taylor was the dj at the Halloween party at the Orinda home where he and four other young people were shot and killed.

Roper says Taylor was hit by a stray bullet at the Airbnb property.

“It’s hard especially explaining it to my 3-year-old because she’s expecting to see her dad walk through the door or pick her up from school and I just have to tell her daddy is sleeping. He’s in the sky. He loves you,” Roper said. 

Flowers, balloons, candles and notes sit outside 114 Lucille Way and there’s a growing memorial in downtown Orinda.

A young girl was seen watering the flowers there Wednesday afternoon.

Others, wrote their condolences to the victims families.

“Obviously it’s a huge shock for our whole community to have something, a devastating tragedy like this occur. It’s a terrible, terrible thing,” said Inga Miller, Orinda’s mayor.

At Tuesday night’s city council meeting, dozens of people took to the podium

Some want to get rid of all short term rentals in the city. 

Others say they want stricter regulations and policies.

The mayor says the city council will vote at their next meeting to enforce a 45 day ban on short term rental properties where the property owner is off site — their next meeting is on nov. 19.

The mayor says the ban will give the city council a chance to do more research before making a permanent decision on what to do about short term rentals in the city.

They currently have 32 short term rental properties.