CONTRA COSTA COUNTY (KRON) – On top of the hot temperatures today, the National Weather Service says there will be a mix of dry conditions and breezy, northerly winds. Of course, the confluence of these three weather events causes elevated fire concerns.

Just yesterday the high temperatures allowed a spark to spread into a small wildfire at John McClaren Park in San Francisco.

Fortunately, the fire was contained at four acres and no structures were burned or injuries reported.

There was also a fire in Milpitas on McCarthy Boulevard. The fire department there, along with San Jose Fire, worked to put it out.

Another fire sparked in Pittsburg. Contra Costa County Fire worked to put it out near Golf Club Drive. It started in a homeless encampment and grew to over 18 acres.

One small spark can start a large wildfire.

To avoid starting a fire, properly dispose of cigarettes and matches and don’t light up near dry brush. At peak temperatures, don’t use equipment that is known to create sparks, such as lawn mowers.

There are fire concerns until Thursday, when temperatures will start to cool down across the Bay Area.