CONTRA COSTA COUNTY, Calif. (KRON) — Another Bay Area school district is putting a COVID-19 vaccine mandate in place not only for staff, but for students as well.

West Contra Costa Unified staff and volunteers must show proof of COVID-19 vaccinations, with an Oct. 15 deadline for getting their first shot. That would then set a second deadline for the second dose of Nov. 15.

Final proof of being fully vaccinated must be provided by December 7.

For students ages 12 years and older, they must show proof of their first shot by November 15 and their second shot by December 15.

But if a student does in-person extracurricular activities – they must get their first vaccination shot by November 1 and second dose by December 1.

Students younger than 12 are exempt due to current age restrictions on the COVID-19 vaccine. Once they turn 12, they must receive their first does no later than 30 calendar days after their 12th birthday, the school district said.

The school district reopened all the schools seven weeks ago. The board and district administrators believe a vaccine mandate is the best way to keep everyone safe and to help end this pandemic.

Parents have strong opinions both in favor and against it.

There are some exemptions to the vaccine mandate for students. Those who qualify and get approved will be required to submit to rapid testing once every two weeks.