West Oakland 6-year-old wows internet with sidewalk art

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WEST OAKLAND (KRON) – A 6-year-old boy from West Oakland is becoming an internet star after videos of his sidewalk chalk artwork went viral. 

His impressive freehand doodling is captivating thousands across the country. 

This kid has some serious talent and is lighting up the internet right now with millions of views of his drawings while making it all look easy. 

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and that’s certainly true for 6-year-old Devon Mosley Junior.

Using the sidewalk as his canvas, this boy has gathered the attention of thousands with is impressive doodling.

Videos of his drawings have been viewed millions of times on Twitter, like when Devon is shown easily sketching the video game character Sonic the hedgehog.

“A lot of people reaching out of all over the world, it’s something we wasn’t expecting it was just a random post,” April Littlefield said

April Littlefield is Devon’s grandmother and says Devon’s gift for art actually came as a surprise.

“He was always giving me pictures for Mother’s Day, birthdays and I never, I didn’t know he was actually drawing them. I thought they were coming out of a coloring book,” Littlefield said.

His talents maybe wow-ing the web right now but grandma and family have enjoyed a front row seat.

“It’s awesome he doesn’t have to trace anything, he doesn’t have to have the picture next to him he just has his own image inside of his head,” Littlefield said. 

When Devon’s not playing with his favorite toys, he spends his time drawing his favorite characters from Black Panther to Captain America but the list doesn’t stop there.

“Pikachu, Hulk, Thor, Superman, Batman,” Devon said.

And for Devon this all comes naturally.

“He’s never had any formal training, no one has ever encouraged him nothing no one has ever taken him by the hand and said draw this he just looks at a picture he plays with his toys and he just draws them,” Littlefield said.

So why does Devon do this? 

“Um, because it makes me feel good,” Devon said.

And ask his family, his story is far from over.

“I want the world to get ready for Devon Mosely Junior because he’s coming,” Littlefield said.

We’re definitely getting ready for him. 

His family says a number of professional artists have reached out to support the little boy. 

They’re hoping this will turn into something great down the road but for now, they just want him to be a 6-year-old enjoying life and we do too.

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