What Bay Area residents can do to reduce risk of starting fires as temps soar

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LIVERMORE, Calif. (KRON) – The thermometer hit the triple digit mark in the midst of this heatwave here in the Bay Area.

First responders spoke with KRON4 about what residents can do to reduce the risks of starting a fire as temperatures continue to soar.

The hot weather may be perfect for getting out and getting some exercise, a long walk, skateboarding or riding your bicycle but first responders want to use this opportunity to remind Bay Area residents the hot temperature is also ripe for accidentally starting a wildfire.

Right now that’s one of our big concerns is the fire weather,” Captain Frank Nasca, with the Livermore-Pleasanton Fire Department, said. “Humidity is down, temperatures are up. We get the wind coming out of the west every day in the Bay Area, the fuel gets really dry.”

To help reduce the risk of inadvertently starting a fire, he recommends delaying some daily chores.

“If people are thinking about doing any kind of yard work, operating lawnmower types of equipment, do that in the morning instead of the afternoon. Things as simple as mowing your lawn can ignite a fire,” Nasca said. 

With picnic areas being off limits at East Bay parks during the COVID-19 shelter-in-place order, folks may choose to light up those backyard BBQ’s. 

The fire department’s advice?

“Be responsible with your BBQ’s. Don’t put the coals anywhere that is going to ignite anything, like the vegetation in your backyard. You may not think that it is dry enough to catch fire but most of that stuff is,” Nasca said.

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