OAKLAND (KRON) — A teacher’s strike is fast approaching in Oakland — and though schools will be open, the district says it will not be “school as usual” for students. 

Teachers are expected to strike Thursday, but district officials say they will do what they can to minimize the impact on students’ learning. 

Schools in the Oakland Unified School District will be open during the strike and students are asked to follow usual attendance policies. District officials say temporary teachers and office staff will be supervising and teaching students during the strike. 

The district says most teacher strikes last only one to two days, though in 1996, Oakland teachers were on strike for five weeks. 

The school district says meals will be available for students during the strike, though food will “simplified.”

After school programs may be available for students — but the district says it will be up to each school whether programs will be offered. 

Oakland’s Taylor Memorial United Church is opening its doors to students during the strike — though assistance for students offered by outside organizations is not sanctioned by the school district.

Students are still required to attend school. 

“They need our help. These are our students. These are our teachers and yes, this is our school board and it is time to resolve this matter,” said Anthony Jenkins, church pastor. 

Jenkins says meals and snacks will be available to students. 

The church is also working to renovate housing for Oakland teachers.

“They deserve their raise, but they also deserve a hand from the community,” he said. 

Oakland educators are fighting for smaller class sizes, more student resources and a living wage. They have been in negotiations with the school board for a year and a half.