SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) – It is a nervous time for air travelers this holiday season.

So what should you do if your flight is unexpectedly canceled – as has been the case in at least two major incidents.

Over 1,600 American Airlines flights were canceled over the Halloween weekend. Last month the nation’s largest domestic airline, Southwest, canceled 2,000 flights.

The reported problems for the two major cancellation events include weather, staff shortages, and issues with air traffic control.

KRON4 spoke with AAA spokesperson Sergio Avila about what to do if the flight cancelation trend continues.

“Start with a backup plan if something goes wrong because these seem to come unforeseen.”

Avila also suggested booking a second flight on a different flight, which will of course come with an additional fee.

Travel experts recommend that when you land for that connecting flight to have a hotel room booked just in case there’s a major delay or the flight is canceled.