SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) —  A recent study published in the Nature Communications journal says within the lifetimes of children living today, climates are expected to change drastically in many areas around the continent. The younger generation will eventually be faced with conditions very different than those of their parents and grandparents, the study says. 

Researchers created an interactive map predicting the future climates of cities around North America — including many cities in Bay Area. Those climates are likely to be higher as the 21st century continues. 

“We find that if emissions continue to rise throughout the 21st century, climate of North American urban areas will become, on average, most like the contemporary climate of locations 850 km away and mainly to the south,” the study said. 

The study says by 2080, weather in San Francisco will more closely mirror the current weather in Palos Verde Estates, about 26 miles west of Los Angeles. The weather would be 40 percent drier and about 7 degrees hotter in the winter. 

Santa Rosa would experience wetter winters, the study says, with about 14 percent more rain, matching the weather of Alpine, CA in the San Diego County mountains. Temperatures would also be about 6 degrees hotter by 2080. 

By 2080, the study predicts San Jose will be hotter and dryer, with a nearly 8 degree temperature increase in the winter. It would also be 25 percent drier — matching the weather of Glendale. 

Weather in Santa Cruz by the year 2080 would closely match weather in North Hollywood, with temperatures about 6 degrees hotter with 40 percent less rain. 

Moving inland, Sacramento‘s weather in 2080 would be similar to weather in Oildale, just 3 miles outside of Bakersfield, with temperatures about 6 degrees hotter and 60 percent drier, the study says. 

The study was released on Feb. 12 and for more information on researchers’ findings, click here