DUBLIN, Calif. (KRON) — The lights go out during the storm. It’s time to fire up that portable power generator — that is if you can find one on the shelf of your neighborhood hardware store after multiple power outages here in the Bay Area.

At Ace Hardware in Dublin, Romas Terveydis broke down how to determine the amount of power that is needed before purchasing a portable generator because one size doesn’t fit all applications. There are also dual fuel power generators that have the ability to run on gasoline or propane.

Experts say to eliminate the possibility of carbon monoxide poisoning or starting a fire, never use a gasoline or propane powered generator inside your home. Keep it outdoors and at least 25-feet away from doors and windows.

“You’re dealing with the safety of your property,” said Terveydis. “The safety of your home and your family. It’s very important that if you have any questions to check with an expert.”