What’s that smell? Officials approve odor study in Milpitas

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MILPITAS (KRON) – If you think you’re smelling something funny in Milpitas, you’re not imagining things.

What’s behind the smell? Officials want to know, too.

That’s why the Bay Area Air District Board of Directors recently voted to approve funding for a comprehensive odor study in the Milpitas area.

Jack Broadbent, executive officer of the Air District, said the study will use “science-based methods to pinpoint the composition and source of odors to identify what improvements are needed to better control and eliminate these impacts.”

The study will use new technology to help identify the odor and to gather data over a year-long period for both seasonal and operational changes in the waste industry.

“What this study is intending to do is to use laboratory instruments, laboratory grade instruments, to determine very, very low levels of chemical compounds that are producing the odor, so we’ll hopefully get to what what sources are producing what odor,” said Wayne Kino, Bay Area Air Quality Management.

Officials said despite odors from waste processing facilities affecting the Milpitas area, statewide goals to move waste away from landfills and use more environmentally sustainable options have changed the waste industry.

Some people KRON4 spoke to think the study is a waste of money, but others think if it would get rid of the smell, it would be worth it.

“It’s a great idea but if it’s been decades,” said former Milpitas resident Debra Martin. “We moved here when my son was seven and he’s gonna be 36. It’s been a long time, so they need to do something just for the people.”

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