ALAMEDA COUNTY, Calif. (KRON) — Alameda County District Attorney Pamela Price continues to face criticism — even after sitting down with KRON4 to address recent allegations against her. The wife of KRON4 security guard Kevin Nishita spoke out Wednesday against Price, saying she should be recalled.

Price did that interview with KRON4 to clear up any misconceptions about her office, but it made Virginia Nishita even more concerned.

Two years since losing her husband Kevin to a shooting, Virginia Nishita says she wants Alameda County’s new district attorney off the case.

“Kevin is the victim, we are the victims, we are the survivors of Kevin and he needs justice. And I have no confidence or trust in Pamela Price that will happen, so she needs to be recalled,” Virginia says.

Kevin Nishita was a security guard for KRON4 News. He was shot and killed while protecting one of our reporters in Oakland on November 2021.

Two of the three suspects have since been arrested for the killing. Shadihia Mitchell and Hershel Hale are awaiting trial.

Virginia tells me she is worried about the trial given she still hasn’t heard from Price’s office.

“She hasn’t talked to me… her or her office,” Virginia said. “When Nancy O’Mailley was in office, I heard from her office once a month or sometimes more.”

KRON4 reached out to Price’s office. Spokesperson Angela Ruggiero sent the following as a response:

“However, she (Mrs. Nishita) should be in contact with a Victim Witness Advocate from our office. Has she reached out to her Advocate for more information? Advocates are there to help victims throughout the court process and keep them up to date on the next court hearings, concerns they might have, etc. There has been no decision on this case; in fact I believe DA Price has not had a chance to review it. As I’m sure you can understand, there are thousands of cases and the office is reviewing them on a case-by-case basis,”

Ruggiero followed that up with another statement to KRON4 on Thursday, saying that Price’s office had been in contact with Virginia three times:

“Our hearts go out to the Nishita family as they mourn the loss of their loved one. As an update, our Victim Witness Advocate did speak with Mrs. Nishita three times since DA Price has been in office: on Jan. 30, March 27 and April 3 to update her on the case and court proceedings.” 

Virginia says she became even more upset after hearing Price talk about pursuing alternatives to prison time and not adding enhancements when charging defendants.

“Imagine if you were a new manager coming into a retail store and you found that people were giving refunds to everyone,” Virginia said. “And you said, ‘Wait, let’s have a policy on who gets a refund and before you give a refund, let’s have you check with your supervisor.

“Kevin’s life was more than a refund policy. Truthfully, can Kevin get a refund now? Can he really get a refund now? No, he can’t. Pamela Price you need to hold these criminals (accountable). They have long records. They have been doing crime for years. They need to get off the streets so people in Alameda can feel safe.”

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Virginia says Price seems to be advocating more for the defendants than she is for the victim’s family.

“She wants to give an alternative for incarceration. I don’t know, let’s ask Kevin. Let’s ask Kevin what he thinks is fair,” Virginia said. “Because this is his life now. You tell me, should those three guys get 75 years to life. Yes. Yes. Because Kevin won’t be able to see his grandkids go to school. Or new grandkids.”

There is a status hearing for the Nishita case next week where a trial date could be set. Virginia says she plans to be there for every single court hearing until justice is served.

If you would like to see KRON4’s full interview with Price, click here.