SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — The wild parrots of Telegraph Hill are not shy about making their presence known. On any given day, a flock of the noisy, colorful birds can be seen flying over different parts of San Francisco.

Two county supervisors say the parrots deserve a fancy title, as the city’s official animal. More than 27,000 voted in the San Francisco Chronicle’s poll asking which species deserves the title. Parrots won over sea lions by a slim margin.

Wild parrots originally came to the city as exotic pets decades ago. There are reportedly between 200-300 wild parrots living in San Francisco today.

County Supervisor Myrna Melgar wrote on Twitter Monday, “There you have it. San Franciscans voted. These wild colorful tropical birds came to SF as pets; regained their freedom, reinvented their lives and flourished in our foggy welcoming City. I will be introducing the legislation.” Supervisor Aaron Peskin will co-author the legislation.

The Marine Mammal Center chimed into Melgar’s announcement, replying, “Wait wait wait, doesn’t this seem a little hasty? Let’s just talk about this! Sea lions would like to reopen voting!”

Even though parrots are non-native to Northern California, San Franciscans have embraced the birds as their own.

“They’re eccentric, stubborn and colorful. Kind of random. Resilient. The wild parrots are associated with North Beach and the waterfront, but they’re San Francisco’s real life Pokemon, liable to show up anywhere,” the Chronicle wrote.