CONCORD, Calif. (KRON) – Lawns and landscaping are being chewed up by wild pigs in Concord. The feral hogs hit one community back in March and, now it appears they are hungry again.

Chunks of grass have been ripped up in the Canyon Creek subdivision in Concord and there is no mystery behind the damage. Homeowner Lori Rahbari tells KRON4, “we don’t need to have somebody hurt or an animal killed.”

A family of at least a half dozen wild pigs were seen on cellphone video going home-by-home, feeding on a nightly basis for three weeks, says homeowner Lori Rahbari. She says neighbors have reached out to local agencies for help, which referred them to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Rahbari says, “they’re telling us, ‘well, you’ll have to just shoot them. There’s nothing we can do. You can apply for a permit through the fish and wildlife, once we grant it, you can shoot and kill them.”

That’s of course, allowed only while following local gun ordinances. Last week, she had trappers look around, but they passed on the job because they said the space was too vast for their operation.

Rahbari says, “I think the drought has a lot to do with it, I really do.” This community sits on the mountains next to the Concord Pavilion, and it was just back in March when neighbors discovered pig damage for the first time.

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Mary Buttler has captured them on surveillance video passing through her yard. She tells KRON4, “I’m retired. It isn’t a joke. It’s a worry I have because if they tear up my lawn, that’s a significant investment to redo, and I don’t even know what they are capable of doing.” Some neighbors are considering a switch to drought-resistant landscaping and eliminating their lawns altogether.