Wild pigs destroy Livermore winery’s yard

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LIVERMORE, Calif. (KRON) — Wild pigs strike again.

This time ripping up a couple’s lawn in Livermore.

For the first time in eight years, Linda and Earl Ault have lived in this home.

The Aults live behind Cedar Mountain Winery in Livermore, which is the business they co-own/

The winery has mostly been untouched, but the couple says feral hogs have been taking chunks of grass out of their lawn for going on a week now.

The Aults say this damage is a direct result of the drought.

The pigs are simply desperate for food, and they are running out of places to find it.

After attempting to repair the grass themselves, the pigs returned only to cause more damage, which now totals about 30 thousand dollars.

The Aults will wait until they settle on a plan to keep the pigs out.

Linda has a spread of mix of chili and fish oil infused cheerios along the landscaping to repel the pigs.

The couple is also working with the state department of fish and wildfire to file a wildlife incident report.

If they are granted a depredation permit, they could possibly hire trappers to kill the animals.

Linda says she has only seen the pigs once — a drift of five hogs.

She says a neighbor has seen as many as 22 pigs in the area.

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