Wild pigs ravage Lafayette residents’ yards, city parks

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LAFAYETTE (KRON) — A group of wild pigs are wreaking havoc in yards and in fields in the East Bay. 

People living in lafayette say the pig problem is costing them thousands of dollars in damage.

Residents say about two dozen hungry pigs have been coming out at night and tearing up grass in search of food. 

The mess they leave behind is forcing the city to make some changes — and those changes are expensive.

Piles of torn up grass and dirt have popped up at Lafayette Community Park.

Damage was also done to the soccer and baseball fields.

“The night that we were out there with the pigs we saw deer, we saw an owl, we saw a fox, but the pigs aren’t supposed to be the ones to be here,” said Jonathan Katayanagi, Lafayette parks, trails and recreation director.  

He says the city has dealt with pig problems in the past but this year it’s gotten worse.

“This is the first time in our history that the pigs have come for the fields,” he said.

Local soccer teams have been forced to move practice elsewhere because of the mangled mess.

The city had to pay $5,000 to put in temporary fencing.

The more permanent chain link solution will cost even more.

“This grass and dirt has been chewed up because the pigs are hungry and they’re looking for grubs and other bugs and this isn’t just happening here — it’s happening in neighborhoods too,” Katayanagi said.

This was Marlys Randick’s yard last year when the wild pigs trampled her well groomed grass in search of food.

She had never seen such a sight in her more than 40 years of living in Lafayette.

“We tried everything — water sprinklers, light meters to scare them away, nothing worked,” she said.

The randick’s yard was returned to normalcy and they too put in a fence. 

It didn’t come cheap but these pigs aren’t pushing them out of town.

“We’ve raised our daughters here and we all love it, you know, we just love the property so we plan to stay as long as we can,” she said. 

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