(KRON) — Strong winds are in the forecast in the bay area tonight, tomorrow and several days this week. Gusts up to 30 miles per hour are always a concern for firefighters working to put out wildfires in the state.

Efforts are being done to mitigate the risks of wildfires this year.

There are no major wildfires in California right now, officials say. That being said, fire fighters say now would be a good time for you to lower the risk of having a fire outside your home.

“We don’t have fire seasons anymore, we have a fire year,” Cal Fire Battalion Chief Jon Heggie said.

He says precautions should be taken year-round, encouraging homeowners to remove flammable vegetation and make their homes a defensible space.

“Putting up mesh in your eves, closing off opportunities where a hot ember may be seated in and around your structure,” he said. “We have multiple control burns going on up and down the state. So really we’re trying to do our part to reduce the flammable vegetation, but it takes a community wide effort.”

That community includes local fire departments.

Steve Hill with Contra Costa County Fire says the fleet has been upgraded there with specialized equipment to help fight wildfires while fire control workers canvass Contra Costa County to reduce risks.

“Reducing overgrown vegetation, clearing fire lanes, working to clear evacuation routes,” Steve Hill with Contra Costa County Fire said.

Firefighters are also implementing goats for fire control.

Goats are eating through dry brush on Grizzly Peak as well as the Terra Linda Preserve in Marin County.

Superintended of Marin County Parks, Jim Chayka says the more than one hundred goats there can access a high terrain that others can’t. What’s lunch for them is fire prevention for us.

“Some of these techniques like grazing, just help mimic the benefits of small fires that would have occurred regularly,” Chayka.

Battalion Chief Heggie says right now the amount of water that’s in the vegetation, known as fuel moistures, are at a high level, lowing the potential for a large-scale wildfire.