(KRON) — Lush fields of green and flowers are a sight to see for many Californians, but some say we should expect that vegetation to become future fuels.

“All that stuff that you see that’s green right now, by Fourth of July it’s going to be ready to burn,” said Tim Chavez, Cal Fire assistant fire chief.

Chavez said record-breaking rainfall in California didn’t eliminate the worst of the flames, but rather delayed them. “By late August, early September, all over the State of California, fire season will come back and there will be big damaging fires,” said Chavez.

Hundreds of inches of snow melting in the Sierra Nevada is causing a longer delay for wildfire season. “That moisture absorbs slowly into the larger logs and branches that are on the forest floor. It’s feeding the soil moistures,” said Chavez.

“We had a vegetation fire about two months ago here in Napa County. This was a couple days after we received some severe snowstorms,” said Erick Hernandez, Napa County Fire.

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Local and state fire departments want homeowners to start preparing for wildfire season. “Get your clearance done, get your trees trimmed up, box-in your eves, change out your roof type, rake your pine needles, clean out your gutters,” said Chavez.

Chavez said Cal Fire is also taking this extra time to prepare by getting more training in for seasonal recruits.