SAN LEANDRO, Calif. (KRON) — Wilson Elementary School in San Leandro has been renamed ‘Halkin’ Elementary School. You can see video above from the excited crowd at the unveiling of the sign on Tuesday.

Halkin is the native Ohlone word in the  ‘Chochenyo’ language, which they have used for centuries for the area between Hayward and Oakland. The school principal says her students learned about the importance of a name leading up to the change.

“It represented sort of this the land, the space that has been here and the names that have been used for it before the school was even here,” Principal Virginia Quock said. “So it’s very identified with where we are right now. And then I think for the community, it was also really important to acknowledge the history of people who have lived here for you know, many years – first people who lived here.”