Windsor leaders admit to knowing about sexual assault claims against mayor

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WINDSOR, Calif. (KRON) – There are new developments in the claims of sexual assault against the mayor of Windsor. 

On Tuesday, town leaders admitted that they knew about alleged incidents including rape, as far back as 2017. 

So far, a total of six women, including a Windsor councilwoman, claim that the mayor assaulted them. 

According to a post from the city, they were notified about the alleged incidents, first in 2017 when he was a council member, and then again in February last year when he was mayor. 

In both instances, Foppoli denied the claims. Police and the council said there was nothing there, so it was dropped. 

Now, a former council member wishes he could turn back the hands of time. 

“It’s horrific. I would have never imagined it in my wildest dreams,” Bruce Okrepkie said. 

Bruce Okrepkie is among the many in Windsor, calling for Mayor Dominic Foppoli to step as claims of sexual assault continue to swirl around him.  

In the last week, six women have come forward, claiming they were attacked by Foppoli, but Tuesday the city admitted they knew about alleged incidents as early as November 2017, when Foppoli was a council member. 

Okrepkie was also on the council at the time.  

“At the time, you end up with a he said, she said and it was unsettling to us that we’re on the council,” Okrepkie said.  

In a letter posted on its website, the city said in 2017, a woman sent an email to then-Mayor Debora Fudge, who is a current councilwoman, accusing Foppoli of inappropriate behavior at his winery in 2013. 

In February 2020, the council received another email about Foppoli’s alleged actions this one accused him of rape. 

In both instances, letters were shared with councilmembers, city leaders and police. 

Foppoli denied the allegations, and no action was taken by police or city leaders. 

“Now, you would say, God would it have been nice to have investigated everything and found out the truths. Back then, there was not an indication of anything except this one letter,” Okrepkie said. 

Among the alleged victims, current Windsor city councilwoman Esther Lemus who claims she was victimized by Foppoli on two occasions in which she was drugged and assaulted. 

Foppoli claims Lemus forced him into a “sexual situation” and threatened to expose him. 

“It’s been really traumatizing for here to relieve a lot of it,” Traci Carrillo said.

Attorney Traci Carrillo who represents Lemus says more victims will come forward.

“What is clear is that 6 people have come forward publicly, there are others out there, and we expect that there are more to come,” Carrillo said.

KRON4 reached out to Dominic Foppoli’s attorney for comment on the newest claims, but so far we have not heard back. 

Foppoli has said he is innocent of the claims against him, and that he never “violated” any of the women. 

On Wednesday, the council will meet in a special session, calling for Foppoli to step down.

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