WINDSOR, Calif. (KRON) — The Windsor Town Council voted 2-to-1 in a special meeting Wednesday night — calling on Mayor Dominic Foppoli to step down.

But it doesn’t mean Foppoli is immediately ousted from the position after six women said he sexually assaulted them.

One of them is a current councilwoman who said Foppoli drugged and sexually assaulted her on two occasions. Ester Lemus recused herself from the vote due to being a part of the criminal investigation.

It would take a crime conviction or a recall election to get him out of office, Foppoli refuses to step down.

Right now, the allegations of sexual assault from six different women are being investigated by the attorney general.

During the meeting, members of the council, and many people who live in Windsor, called for the mayor to resign for the sake of the town.

Many in Windsor say they not only want Foppoli gone — they want the entire council to step down too.

That’s because the council knew about allegations against Foppoli since 2017.

In the special meeting, Windsor’s town manager said a letter from 2017 detailing an alleged incident against Foppoli from 2013 was given to then-Mayor Debora Fudge, who is a current councilwoman. But the letter was never given to police, they said.

Town manager Ken Macnab said the person who wrote it never wanted Foppoli to face charges, then, or even now.

The Windsor police chief said without a victim, there wasn’t much they could do.

Foppoli has maintained his innocence, saying he never violated the women, and that all interactions were consensual.

The investigation is ongoing.