NAPA, Calif. (KRON) — A former employee of a shipping company was arrested after he was allegedly caught stealing $10,000 worth of wine from a Napa winery, according to the Napa County Sheriff’s Department and an employee of the winery.

The suspect was identified as Jose Humberto Martinez. According to police, Martinez claimed he was holding the wine as a way to get his final paycheck.

An image (below) shows a large number of boxes piled into a white van.

Image from the Napa County Sheriff’s Department.

The wine and the van were returned to their owners, police said. Martinez was booked into jail for grand theft, taking a vehicle without consent and receiving stolen property.

In Hayward, a Home Depot employee was busted on Tuesday for allegedly stealing from their employer. California Highway Patrol said it recovered 600 items worth a total of more than $50,000 in addition to nearly $90,000 in cash.