Illegal dumping in the Bay Area has been a problem for some time.

On Monday, those living on one block in the Mission District of San Francisco, are actually praising the city for their efforts to get trash off the streets.

KRON4 is following the story and has details on a recent dumping case where it appears someone tried to save money.

A witness who lives nearby tells KRON4 it appears the building owner next door hired some cheap labor to get items out of his building.

But instead of taking those items to the dump, the person just left it at 20th and South Van Ness in the Mission District. That’s according to the witness KRON4 talked with.

He says there is work being done on that building and that’s likely why the stuff had to go but it appears that someone didn’t want to pay a fee to get a collection truck or take it to the dump which, for all this stuff, would likely cost a few hundred dollars.

Instead, they just dumped it on the sidewalk. There were at least two complaints about all these items.

The city sent workers in to clean it up and an hour later, the street was back to normal and looking good. Those KRON4 talked with described all the junk they saw.

“It was a lot of stuff, a lot of stuff–clothes, bed mattress…seen someone just dumping all this trash,” one witness said.

A neighbor who chose not to talk on camera says he hopes that the city goes after the person who dumped this trash.

He does say he was very happy with the city coming out and cleaning this up in a timely manner.

Many of those that KRON4 talked with said main streets like South Van Ness are often cleaned up quickly but it’s the side streets that they hope the city will hit in the future.