(KRON) — A wolf hybrid that was spotted roaming the outskirts of Sebastopol over the weekend has been found and safely returned to its home, the North Bay Animal Services announced Monday. “Shadow,” a wolfdog — a canine that’s a hybrid between a wolf and a domesticated dog — was seen near the Highway 12 bridge on the eastern edge of Sebastopol over the weekend.

But as of Monday, Shadow had been caught and was back at his home.

“With the incredible teamwork of our Animal Control Officers, Shadow’s pack members, Max and Sky, along with the help of Shadow’s owner, we successfully reunited him with his loving family,” North Bay Animal Services said in a Facebook post. “A big shoutout and THANK YOU to the vigilant community members who reported sightings of Shadow.”

Photos accompanying the post showed Shadow, a large canine with gray-black fur and yellow eyes, seemingly reunited with his owner and other dogs.

North Bay Animal Services had confirmed on Sunday that the canine was a domestic pet. It is illegal to own first-generation wolfdogs as pets in California, according to the Department of Fish and Wildlife.