SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — A woman was attacked by a dog and then its owner on Sunday in San Francisco. The victim is now speaking out in hopes of finding the woman responsible.

Tense moments took place after the dog in the video bit Brittany Watson’s arm on Sunday near Jones and Sutter Streets. 

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When Watson asked for the dog owner’s phone number several times, the woman continued walking away and even threatened to have the dog bite her again. Then she hit Watson in the head and took off.  

Watson says this all unfolded as she was walking to her car, “I didn’t even look at them. I had no interaction with them and right after they passed me, the dog just randomly bit my arm.” Watson showed the bite marks that were left behind. 

Watson says she’s now speaking out in hopes of preventing others from getting hurt.

“Just worried that the dog could get a hold of a little innocent child that can’t defend his or herself or even an older person,” she told KRON4. 

Watson filed a police report but hasn’t been able to find the owner.