Woman allegedly knocked unconscious during arrest sues Solano County Sheriff’s Office

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SOLANO COUNTY, Calif. (KRON) — The Solano County Sheriff’s Office and the county are being sued by a woman who was allegedly knocked unconscious during her arrest and held in jail overnight without being charged.

It happened while Nakia Porter was on a trip with her father and children about a year ago.

She said they were on their way home to the Sacramento area when they pulled over in Dixon to so they could switch drivers.

Body camera footage shows a quickly escalating situation when police pulled up behind them with their lights on.

Footage from a Solano County Sheriff’s patrol car shows Porter and her father, JB Powell, turning off onto a side road and then stopping at a stop sign to get out of the car and change drivers for their trip back home to Orangevale from Oakland.

Before they’re able to switch, deputies Dalton McCampbell and Lisa McDowell turned on their lights. Porter’s two daughters and niece, all under the age of six were in the back seat.

Moments later, body cameras worn by the deputies show them pulling guns on Porter, who they later handcuffed and shoved to the ground. The body camera footage further shows Porter was knocked unconscious. She spent the night in jail on suspicion of resisting arrest, but was never formally charged.

Porter and Powell filed a federal lawsuit on Wednesday against the sheriff’s office, the two deputies and the Solano County. Their lawyer, Yasin Almadani, explains the constitutional violations alleged in the lawsuit and claims the deputies later lied about what happened.

Almadani alleges the deputies unlawfully seized the father and daughter and used excessive force.

“But then they went beyond that and applied more excessive force by beating her out of consciousness. And then the deputies, to hide what they did, began lying about it,” he said.

Through this lawsuit, Porter and Powell say they’re seeking justice and accountability, and hope to be a voice for others.

“They took a piece of me, one that shattered my faith in the system, for those that can protect and serve. I know there are good officers that can protect and serve, but this put a very bad image of what is supported and what is encouraged within these systems,” Porter said.

KRON4 is waiting to hear back from the Solano County Sheriff’s Office about whether there is an internatl investigation about what happened on August 6, 2020.

Meanwhile, the district attorney’s office says these allegations of police misconduct have just come to their attention and they will be reviewing evidence.

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