SAN JOSE (KRON) – A $4,000 bottle of cognac has been returned to a restaurant in the East Foothills area of San Jose after a video went viral of a woman stealing it.

That woman was eating on a patio at the fancy hilltop restaurant with a gorgeous view when she decided to take a little royalty with her.

Tuesday night, just after finishing her dinner with a party of ten, you can see a woman in the surveillance video walk around the bar, and simply walk right out of the restaurant with a 100-year-old cognac bottle.

“In the beginning I was upset,” said Maurice Carrubba, the owner of Mr. Hamilton Grandview. “I think anybody would be upset, right?”

Carrubba didn’t realize the bottle was gone until two days later, and now they are making security changes.

The $4,000 bottle of Louis XIII was snatched and stolen within minutes, and so the restaurant is now keeping it behind glass in the wine cellar.

“It’s unfortunate it has come to that,” Carrubba said.

But Carrubba is fortunate about one thing — he did get his bottle back after the story went viral.

The woman who stole the cognac had her brother call him.

“He said ‘Hey look you know we have your bottle, we’re ashamed this happened, she’s a mother of 6 and made a poor decision,” Carrubba said.

The two arranged to get the unopened bottle back privately.

Carubba won’t be pressing charges, despite people telling him to.

He believes everybody deserves second chances.

“I believe she was sorry for what she did, and we got our bottle back,” he said. “They are not welcomed back at the restaurant as far as I’m concerned. Case closed.”

And if you plan on tasting the 100-year-old cognac, it’s 150 an ounce. Be prepared to ask to have it unlocked before you try it.