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ONLY ON 4: Woman says she was pricked by needle while taking seat on BART

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) - A woman is looking for answers on Friday night after she says she was pricked by a needle while taking a seat on BART.

It's a story you will only see on KRON4.

Riding BART just got a little more dangerous. Now, in addition to worrying about being robbed, there is concern about being stuck with hypodermic needles.

This woman says it happened to her Thursday as she traveled from Dublin to San Francisco.

On Thursday morning, Linda Quan headed to the Dublin BART Station and boarded a San Francisco-bound train for work. Thirty minutes into the ride, the San Ramon mother of two felt something pierce her behind.

“When I felt that I got up and looked at what was poking me and I felt it and didn't know what it was and realized it was s syringe tip,” Quan said.

Quan showed KRON4 the broken tip of the hypodermic needle she sat on. When she looked under the seat, she found even more drug paraphernalia.

Now, she wonders why BART isn't doing more to prevent this from happening.

“It's people's lives and people's safety and one puncture like that could change the rest of my life if I am infected,” Quan said.

“Anecdotally, police say they have reports similar to this once or twice a month. As far as we are concerned, that is once or twice a month too many," BART spokesman Chris Filippi said. "This is...serious and this is something BART needs to address and is addressing with the resources that we have.”

BART says they've hired more police officers, they're redeploying train cleaners so BART cars get cleaned more often, and are working with police to address the homeless issue.

“They are not doing enough or this would not have happened,” Quan said.

After reporting the incident to the train operator and to BART police, Quan was tested for HIV and hepatitis. Now, she's on a month supply of drugs to prevent contracting HIV, she's getting the hepatitis vaccine, and she must get her blood tested every three months for the next year-and-a-half just in case she was infected with something from that needle.

“I'm really worried," Quan said. "I worried all day today and yesterday and I will probably be worried for the next 18 months.”



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