SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) – A rideshare passenger is speaking out after a Lyft driver dropped her off but sped off with all of her belongings.

The victim says it happened Monday morning in San Francisco near Hayes Valley and says the driver stole her luggage, wallet, and passport.

The victim says everything was business as usual until she was dropped off. She says she even ran after the car and managed to tap on the hood to get her things but the driver didn’t stop.

Now she’s warning others of her experience after trying to get help from Lyft.

This Lyft passenger who wishes to remain anonymous out of fear of retaliation says she ordered a Lyft Monday morning from the inner Richmond to her home just a couple of miles away in San Francisco when her Lyft driver’s behavior suddenly changed.

While the driver helped her load all of her luggage into his car at the beginning of the trip, he arrived at her destination and instead sped off with all of her belongings, including a suitcase, tote bag, wallet, and her passport.

After many failed attempts to call and message the driver, she filed a police report.

Now more than 24 hours later, she says the only response she got from Lyft about her case was a message on social media.

After receiving several calls from police, the victim says the driver eventually responded to her messages in the Lyft app more than 12 hours later and agreed to drop her things off at the police station.

She says he tried to make excuses for why he drove off with her things and says he still never received any messages from Lyft regarding this incident.

KRON4 reached out to Lyft about what happened and asked whether the driver was being investigated or if there were any protocols in place when something like this happens.

We have not heard back from Lyft yet.