SAN MATEO COUNTY, Calif. (KRON) — Apple Inc. is facing a suit from a former employee who alleges she faced discrimination and harassment while working with the tech giant, according to the complaint filed in San Mateo County Court last week.

Jayna Whitt filed the suit on Dec. 20, and the complaint lists allegations of discrimination, whistleblower retaliation and a hostile work environment. The 26-page complaint details how Whitt allegedly brought evidence of death threats and other harassment to the company’s attention, only to be ignored.

Whitt says she was employed by Apple for over 15 years as a patent lawyer. In an article posted to the website Lioness, Whitt states she was earning over $1 million per year with the company as of 2010. Whitt describes how her high-demand job took a toll on her marriage, which eventually ended, though she is still in litigation over alimony payments, according to her post.

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When she was acting as a single parent to her children, Whitt formed a relationship with a colleague she calls Ted (name changed), a fellow attorney at Apple. She says that as she and Ted grew close, he spoiled her and her children with lavish gifts and trips, but he also had a dark side.

The first time Ted pushed me, it took me by surprise. He apologized, but this became the first of many violent outbursts that he’d then use mental disorders, suicidal tendencies, and substance abuse to excuse. Unfortunately, I was primed for this, having family members who struggled with mental illness. I would never abandon them in a time of need—and I felt the same toward him.

Whitt says she and Ted’s relationship grew more volatile, and when she suspected him of breaking into her computer and phone, she brought the concerns to the employee relations team at Apple. The complaint describes how the “extreme domestic abuse (including death threats)” that she faced at the hands of Ted went unpunished. In 2021, Apple allegedly closed the investigation and, “officially reprimanded me with a memo in my personnel file,” Whitt writes.

The complaint states that Whitt is seeking damages for her treatment by the company and her colleague. The final amount is to be determined later in court, but according to the complaint it will exceed $25,000.

A request for comment from Apple on the matter was not immediately returned.