Woman’s car shot by pellet gun as she drove to work in San Jose; CHP investigating

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SAN JOSE (KRON) — A San Jose woman is warning commuters after she says someone shot at her car with a pellet gun on a busy highway.

The pellet hit the driver’s side window as she was driving to work Tuesday morning.

It happened on I-280 near Leigh Avenue in San Jose.

The CHP says they’ve received some calls about this same issue on I-280 over the last few days.

The driver, Summer Ayers, says she was heading northbound on the highway and believes whoever shot at her car probably shot from nearby homes or apartments on the other side of the highway.

While she’s grateful to be okay, she says the situation could’ve ended much differently.

“I was getting off on the Leigh exit and I heard a noise,” Ayers said. “It was like a thud, bump, pop, all in one.”

Ayers soon realized a hole in her window was only inches from her face.

“I looked to my left and there was a gunshot hole in my window right next to my face,” she said.

 She says the CHP told her it was likely a pellet gun that shot at her window.

“They looked at my window, they confirmed it was a gunshot,” she said. “And they said specifically most likely a pellet gun shot and they said in the last couple of days they’ve gotten about ten phone calls on that stretch of 280, so I just feel like it’s something that needs to be known.”

Ayers says the heavy duty glass windows on her car probably saved her from being hit.

“Had it been something else it probably would’ve shattered the window, gone through, hit my face,” Ayers said.

While she’s not sure where the suspect fired the gun from, she believes the shot could’ve come from a home or building backed up against the southbound lanes of 280.

“I just think its crazy and whoever’s doing it needs to be caught,” the woman said. “Because you could seriously injure. You could cause accidents. You could kill people, innocent people you don’t even know and I don’t understand what satisfaction you get out of shooting random cars.”

Now CHP says this is an ongoing investigation and confirms they received multiple calls about this same issue, but say they haven’t seen an alarming increase.

However Ayers says drivers should be aware that this is happening, especially because this could’ve caused an accident or bad injury.

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