(KRON) — A two-week operation to evict unhoused persons from the Wood Street encampment begins today, a city spokesperson confirmed to KRON4.

The City of Oakland says that between 60 and 70 people are currently living on the parcel at Wood Street, but those numbers can change daily. Outreach teams began visiting the site back in April of 2022 to speak with residents individually and offer services such as housing options and employment support.

Outreach teams are also working with residents at the encampment to determine which items they hope to keep, according to the official. Oakland will be offering shelter space at the Wood Street cabin program and a safe RV parking site on 66th Avenue. At this time, the city spokesperson says enough shelter should be available for everyone who wants it.

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The closure of the encampment and resident eviction is the first step in preparation for an affordable housing project in the area, the city spokesperson said. The project will result in a 170-unit structure on the city-owned parcel.