OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) — The Wood Street homeless encampment in Oakland will stay open for the time being. A federal judge in San Francisco granted a temporary restraining order to the residents of the encampment against the government entities trying to close it.

Caltrans said last Friday that it planned to close down the encampment. The closure was intended to happen in phases, beginning Wednesday.

“These individuals and entities are hereby RESTRAINED from proceeding with planned removal of persons, personal possessions, and structures from the Wood Street encampment; closing the Wood Street encampment; or otherwise removing homeless individuals from the Wood Street encampment,” the restraining order reads.

Judge William R. Orrick issued the restraining order due to the abrupt nature with which authorities planned to close the encampment. A hearing is set for Friday at 10:00 a.m. to determine whether to keep the restraining order in place or proceed with the closure.

On July 11, a large fire broke out at the encampment, filling the Oakland air with smoke and causing lanes to be blocked on Interstates 880, 80 and 580. It was the latest of several fires that have started at the encampment.

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Caltrans said there are approximately 200 people living at the encampment. The City of Oakland was granted $4.7 million to build a 100-bed community cabin village at 26th Street and Wood Street to provide shelter for the residents.