SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — A big storm last month sent runaway barges crashing into the Third Street Bridge near Oracle Park, and crews with the San Francisco Department of Public Works were working on the bridge Wednesday morning.

So far, DPW has been able to remove a section of the buckled wooden sidewalk, and steamfitters were able to remove the east-side rail of the bridge, both heavily damaged by the collision, a spokesperson confirmed to KRON4. Some of the beams on the bridge were bent and will also need to be removed. The east side of the sidewalk has been barricaded off for safety.

A test lift of the drawbridge is in the works after those damaged pieces are removed. The goal will be to test the lift mechanisms as well as their alignment to ensure everything is functioning properly.

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“If all goes well on the test lift, we will start opening the drawbridge for boaters,” a DPW spokesperson said. For now, the United States Coast Guard has given DPW approval to keep the bridge down to all boaters through April 21.

“The bridge deck is in good shape so people can still cross it,” the spokesperson noted.

The Third Street Bridge has never been damaged this severely before. The bridge was able to withstand this crash thanks to a major rehabilitation project completed three years ago, DPW said.

“Our No. 1 priority is public safety so that will drive the decisions.” — DPW

The larger repair project for the bridge could take several months. DPW will need to secure a contractor and find funding for the repairs, the spokesperson said.