OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) – A double-homicide near the Islamic Center of Oakland happened Monday night, following sunset prayers.  

One victim had just left the mosque. He was a man who left behind a wife and four children. KRON4 spoke with his friends, who said everyone is in shock.  

A friend told KRON4, “It was a very sad night for us, for the community, and for myself personally, a member was shot and killed.” Abdo Abdilla says that 15 minutes before this double shooting, he was in sunset prayers with his friend, Belal Esa. 

The two had known each other for twenty years. Abdilla says Esa left to meet others for coffee at a nearby restaurant, which they commonly did in the evenings. But this time, it turned tragic.  

Abdilla told KRON4, “He arrives at the restaurant, and the shooting happens. He runs, shot in the back. He was at the wrong place at the wrong time.” Esa never made it into the restaurant before he was shot.

Hatim Nassar was also at the mosque Monday, praying with Esa. He says Esa leaves behind a wife, three adult sons, and a teenage daughter.

Another mosque member was also shot, a young male teenager. The teen was struck in the leg.  

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Authorities have not announced whether this was a random crime or if someone inside the restaurant was the intended target. A 22-year-old was also killed, and they were not a member of the mosque.  

Abdilla says the situation is, “Very dark.  Everyone is in disbelief.”