(KRON) — With the excitement that comes with Fleet Week, kids all around the world are in awe by what they witness.

Several programs are created to encourage young ones dreaming of being in the air — a reality.

The Young Eagles program was created to take young aviators up flying to get them excited about aviation.

Through the program, 11-year-old Nathan got the opportunity to take flight over downtown San Francisco with Jessy Panzer.

“It’s a loop with a little bit of roll in it, it’s called a clover,” Panzer said. “Then we’ll do a barrel roll. And we’ll get split up into a hammer head.”

“Oh, we’re doing a hammer head? Oh man!” Nathan said.

The program aims to expose kids to the world of aviation.

Even if you don’t want to be a pilot, the program ensures you can still be a part of aviation.

There is also the Bob Hoover Academy, which targets underserved and underprivileged children to get them motivated and have goals.

There’s truly nothing like helping kids get excited to succeed in the future.

If you have questions, reach out to co-host of Saturday’s Blue Angels event in San Francisco, Cpt. Laura Einsetler.

Einsetler is a commercial airline pilot with over 30 years of flying experience in various aircraft around the world eager to answer any questions you or your child may have!