Bay Area’s ‘Ski Mask Rapist’ eligible for parole, case to be heard this week


SANTA CLARA COUNTY (KRON) — The man known as the ‘Ski Mask Rapist’ could be released from prison.

George Anthony Sanchez was convicted of raping 25 women back in the 1980s in the Bay Area.

He was sentenced to more than 400 years behind bars.

But now, he’s up for a parole hearing. 

The victims are devastated.

“His actions over and over and over again were horrific. They were callous. They were dangerous. They were unforgivable — what he did,” said Steven Dick, Santa Clara County deputy district attorney. 

In 1989, George Anthony Sanchez was sentenced in Santa Clara County to serve 406 years for raping 25 women in the Bay Area.

“It’s probably more than that. It’s probably up to 45 women that he raped,” Dick said. “He raped people from the ages of 16 to 83. Most of them he raped in their homes, he raped others in churches, or at their work, one at a school.”

Sanchez was known as the ‘ski mask rapist.’ 

Deputy District Attorney Dick says the victims are devastated.

Their sense of security and justice now shattered, knowing that the convicted rapist now has the opportunity to stand in front of commissioners on Wednesday with the possibility of being released through the state’s elderly parole program. 

The program gives certain inmates who have spent decades in prison the opportunity to be considered for parole.

“George Sanchez, the ski mask rapist, and what he has done to innocent children and women and to the elderly, he’s too much of a risk to ever be released from prison,” deputy district attorney said. 

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