Believe it or not, Matthew McConaughey has an issue with the word “unbelievable” and wants us to all stop using it.

“‘Unbelievable’ is my least favorite word. I think we should wipe it out of the dictionary,” explained the Academy Award winning actor in a video posted to Twitter. “We shouldn’t think that the most beautiful sunset, or the greatest play, or the greatest love of our life or the greatest moment of euphoria is unbelievable. Believe it.”

McConaughey also explained how the word shouldn’t be used in instances of death, natural disasters and other tragedies.

“Believe it. We see it happen everyday,” he said.

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So, what words does McConaughey suggest instead? “‘Awesome’, ‘horrible’, ‘incredible’ – I believe those,” the “Dallas Buyers Club” star explained.

While this thought may seem random to some, this isn’t the first time McConaughey has expressed a dislike for the word. Back in 2015, he made similar comments about “unbelievable” during his commencement speech at the University of Houston.