Berkeley upgrading to earthquake safe piping


BERKELEY (KRON). The city of Berkeley is upgrading about 2,800 feet of century-old iron piping for earthquake resistant ones.

The new pipes are able to bend, flex and contract during an earthquake, which will help prevent it from breaking.

“There have been about 30 main breaks in the last 10 years,” East Bay Mud Senior Civil Engineer David Katzev said. “There is a lot of ground movement, ground shifting in this area. That’s what’s causing the breaks. What we are doing is putting in earthquake resistant pipe to mitigate those hazards. Mitigate the movement in the earth right now.”

There are 4,200 miles of pipe throughout the East Bay, which are all planned on being replaced in the upcoming years.

The project averages 10 miles of pipe per year, but the city is trying to bump that number up to 20 miles per year.

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