EAST PALESTINE, Ohio (KRON) — An 8-year-old Ohio boy drove his father’s car to McDonald’s so he and his 4-year-old sister could get cheeseburgers, according to police.

Police received a call Sunday night of a kid driving a car.

When Officer Jacob Koehler pulled into the town’s only McDonald’s, he talked to the boy who was still behind the wheel of the car.

“Me and my sister really wanted a cheeseburger,” the 8-year-old boy told the police officer.

When asked how he learned to drive, the boy told the officer he had looked up YouTube videos.

Witnesses say the boy followed the rules of the road during his mile and a half drive. He stayed within speed limits, stopped for lights and never hit a thing.

But when he got to the McDonald’s, the drive-through window clerk noticed something was not right.

The siblings got to eat at McDonald’s while they waited for their grandparents to pick them up. No charges are being filed, police say.WHAT OTHERS ARE CLICKING ON: