BRENTWOOD, Calif. — Brentwood is distributing water at a recycled water fill station. The water is recycled wastewater. It’s not drinkable, but it’s been treated and has nutrients that are great for irrigation needs.

KRON4 has seen many people coming by this morning to fill up tanks in the back of their trucks.

In California, we have a worsening drought, which means we are told not to water our plants and to cut back on water usage.

Last year, Governor Newsom called on Californians to voluntarily reduce water use by 15 percent. But the state failed to reach that. This year, the governor has asked local water agencies to escalate requirements on water usage.

In Brentwood, people are not only saving money by having access to this free water, they can also have a yard and not feel guilty about it without having to use their potable hose water. This is all recycled.

The water would have gone into the Marsh Creek. That’s how you know how treated this water is because they cannot put wastewater into a creek.

KRON4 talked with a man who was filling up this morning. He does so every three days to water his entire garden, which has about 15 fruit trees.

Other counties give recycled water for commercial use but not for residential use.

The fill station is for Brentwood residents only. All you have to do is apply for access and you can fill up 24/7.

People bring their own containers and can fill up to 300 gallons, which weighs 2,500 pounds.