SUGARCREEK TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WDTN) – Brock Turner served 3 months for sexual assault–and as of this Friday morning, is a free man who’s expected to return home to Greene County.

Turner’s sentence sparked outrage among many, and Friday night protesters were at his home, voicing some strong opinions.ADDITIONAL COVERAGE: INSIDE BROCK TURNER’S JAIL CELL

21-year-old Brock Turner was silent as he left the Santa Clara County jail Friday morning in California. He served 3 months of a six month sentence for a sexual assault at Stanford.

Newly released police photos show the night of the January 2015 crime. They show the dumpster where police say Turner assaulted the unconscious 22-year-old woman. As well as the cuts and bruises he received when tackled by two witnesses who police say interrupted the attack.

The case sparked a national outcry and when Turner was sentenced in June of this year many argued he got off too easy. Friday, that outrage continued.

“Justice was not served,” Molly Hardin said. “To Brock’s victim.”

“I think 6 months was definitely not enough,” Katie Goralski said. “For his actions.”

Friday, about a dozen people protested outside Turner’s family home in Sugarcreek Township. He is expected to return now that he’s out of jail.

“I have a younger sister, who just started at Ohio State,” Goralski said. “And I don’t want something like this to happen to her.”

Some protesters openly displayed firearms. Others carried signs with defamatory messages. Police were present during the protest.

Turner must serve 3 years supervised probation and should he come home, he’ll have to register as a sex offender with the Greene County Sheriff’s office and check in every 90 days.