(KRON) — In today’s installment of Winners & Losers, financial expert Rob Black discusses falling stocks on Wall Street, weekend flight cancellations and the success of the Minions movie at the box office.

Loser: Wall Street grapples with recession concerns

Stocks fell as concerns about a possible recession in the U.S. weighed on investor sentiment.

Stocks tied to economic growth fell sharply on Tuesday. Shares of JPMorgan and Wells Fargo shed 2.5% and 2.7%, respectively. American Airlines fell more than 4%. Machinery stocks Deere and Caterpillar hit their lowest levels of the year.

Crypto’s crash has more after-shocks: Vauld, a crypto platform backed by Coinbase and others, suspended  all withdrawals, trading and deposits on its platform. Vauld customers had withdrawn more than $197.7 million since June 12.

Turkey’s annual inflation rate surged to 79%, the highest level in 24 years.

The past May saw the highest number of union elections in the United States since at least a year before the pandemic, with an increasing number of votes happening in retail and service sectors following the Starbucks stores across the country.

Americans need a net worth of $5.1 million to be considered ‘wealthy’ in San Francisco. That’s nearly $3 million more than the national average of $2.2 million.

Loser: Travel chaos leads to delays and 1,300 cancellations

Travel is up in the air but down in the dumps.

Over 1,300 flights were canceled this weekend, peaking at 2.7% of all flights on Saturday.

Another 14,000 flights experienced delays.

It’s an improvement from the 2,800 cancellations over the disastrous Memorial Day weekend.

American Airlines and Delta Air Lines fared the worse with Southwest faring the best.

Bad weather and staffing shortages contributed to the chaos,  but pilot and air traffic control (ATC) staffing are the biggest factors.

Airlines don’t have the deep bench of pilots to call in.

ATC staffing at its Newark Liberty International Airport hub has caused massive disruptions, with some days when it is at 50%.

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg addressed the staffing issues ahead of the July 4 holiday, saying the shortages have “led to traffic restrictions under blue-sky conditions.”

Buttigieg warned of fines of $55,000 per passenger for airlines if operations are not improved.

Winner:  It’s a Minion’s world

The yellow Tic Tac gremlins have won.

The fifth installment of the Despicable Me franchise, “Minions: The Rise of Gru,” broke the July Fourth weekend box office record with a haul of more than $125 million.

How Minions Gru their audience: Universal’s marketers had the Minions collaborating with the Tokyo Olympics, appearing on NBC shows like American Ninja Warrior and America’s Got Talent and even sporting their own IHOP menu.

Even the movie’s soundtrack went viral when musician Jack Antonoff brought on a stacked lineup to help out with the songs.

Then Gen Z pulled up . . .  And the #gentleminions trend was born. The joke started with photos of masculine characters wearing full suits with the caption “5 tickets to Minions: Rise of Gru”. But then, groups of young men started wearing full formal suits to see the movie. They obviously recorded themselves for social media, and movie theaters are obviously starting to ban teens in suits for causing disruptions.

So far in 2022, the box office is still down about 33% compared to the same time in 2019.