Businesses brace for possible election night destruction


SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) – In fear of damage and destruction amid the upcoming election, some San Francisco businesses are taking action to protect their properties.

“We’re just building some barricades protecting the glass from potential riots that they think might be coming from the elections. These planes of glass are pretty expensive, and it’s a lot cheaper to just pay us to build some wood barricades,” said construction worker Zach Donn.

It doesn’t seem to matter which side wins or loses, they are bracing for any potential bad feelings that might boil over into destructive behavior.

The manager of one business that was boarded up says she’s frustrated about putting up plywood over her display windows since they were just getting momentum after reopening.

She understands why it happening, but she wishes it didn’t have to be this way.

“Someone’s going to be angry and upset so their could be a response to that,” said Amy Schelling.

“I have mixed feelings I wish we didn’t have to do that with everything going on I realize again it’s preemptive. I wish we didn’t I wish we lived in a place where we could just go vote and feel good about our decision and the process and realize whether the outcome is one thing or the other we’re all in this together,” Schelling added.

The city’s police department is also gearing up for election night.

SFPD says they’ve canceled discretionary time off for officers and will have more cops working to respond to any spontaneous events.

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