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OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) – A protest is underway in Oakland following the death of George Floyd.

Dozens took the streets of downtown Oakland Friday evening to protest police brutality and social injustice. The protest was eventually taken to I-880, where dozens blocked the streets, jumped on cars and appeared to throw projectiles at police cars.

One protester says fireworks and rubber bullets were fired. Reports of tear gas being fired is also circulating as video from the scene shows many protesters running away, appearing to cover their faces.

There are several reports of tear gas being fired.

Oakland police say multiple officers were injured after projectiles were thrown. Officials are now deeming the demonstration as an “unlawful assembly”.

Police are requesting people to leave the area immediately.

Photos show several businesses beginning to board up in downtown Oakland in anticipation of protests following the death of George Floyd.

Chase Bank, Walgreens and other businesses in Oakland are preparing for the unknown.

A protest in downtown San Jose was held Friday afternoon and as of 5 p.m., is still going on.

Thousands nationwide have been taking the streets to protest after a video sparked outrage on social media. The video shows a white Minneapolis police officer use his knee to press down on George Floyd’s neck.

Since the death of Floyd, several U.S. cities have organized protests, in which some were peaceful and some turned violent.

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