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CA senator: Why should indoor operations stop?


SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KRON) — A California state senator is calling on Governor Newsom to provide specific data he’s used to make recent decisions in restricting parts of the economy.

This comes as the majority of the state had to halt indoor dining operations last week.

“Because the governor has prioritized that his decision making is science and data driven, then I believe this should impress his sensibility that this information be provided,” Senator Andreas Borgeas said.

State Senator Andreas Borgeas wants to see the numbers.

This after the governor ordered a halt on indoor dining in counties representing 95% the state’s population.

The Republican sent a letter to Newsom this week, specifically asking for data justifying the move — requesting numbers, methodology and findings in the state linking indoor restaurant operations to COVID-19 cases.

“Simply, can you please help us as legislators, please help us as members of the public understand the basis upon which these consequential decisions are being made,” Borgeas said.

Recent data from Los Angeles County suggested restaurants and bars accounted for 3.1% of its COVID-19 cases.

But the Central Valley senator notes, not all counties in the state have access to this kind of data.

“What’s essential is that if California counties are reporting at a certain level, and then public policy being made at the state level is using that, then I think it should be transparently provided to the public,” Borgeas said.

Newsom’s administration pulled an “emergency brake” in the state’s tiered economic reopening system, requiring many businesses in the majority of the state to stop operating indoors.

The data made available broadly shows a surge in cases, hospitalizations and the rate at which people are testing positive for the virus.

“We’ve seen an unprecedented number and new rise in cases here in the state of California,” Gov. Newsom said.

As of Wednesday, the administration had not responded to Borgeas’ request.

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