Cal Berkeley coach’s attorney speaks out


BERKELEY (KRON) — Yann Hufnagel, who was involved in a seven-month sexual harassment investigation case, wants to return as an assistant coach on the Cal basketball team, according to his attorney Monday.

Hufnagel is devastated by what has happened and according to his attorney, he misses his job.

“He’s loved by everybody, this is somebody with an unblemished record, a likable, decent human being, yeah he wants to go back”, according to Hufnagel’s attorney.

Hufnagel engaged in mutual flirtation and the woman initiated it.

According to his attorney it was “no unwelcomed sexual innuendo.”

In early March, a documented report was released that stated Hufnagel acknowledged wanting to have sex with the victim, but that he did not think his behavior was inappropriate because she did not work for the university.

The victim was a woman who met informally with coaches, including Yann Hufnagel, as part of her job, the report said.

The victim said that she occasionally texted or tweeted Hufnagel to meet him for coffee in order to gather information pertaining to UC Berkeley’s men’s basketball team, according to the report.

Over a period of time, the woman received sexual harassment messages from Hufnagel on a weekly basis in an attempt to communicate for professional purposes, the report said.

The victim said that Hufnagel would frequently turn the text conversations into sexual innuendos, “he used his power.” The victim would recall that 90 percent of their text messages that occurred approximately once every two weeks were not welcomed by her, the report said.

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