(KRON) — Cal Fire is getting ready for dangerous, hot conditions this weekend.

Temperatures are expected to reach over 100 degrees and Cal Fire said they have not seen heat like this in a long time. They are fully staffed but also adding extra resources.

Cal Fire said this weekend they will staff their emergency dispatch center. They will also establish hydration units at fires.

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A “hydration unit” is a pop-up tent for firefighters that has water and Gatorade, while units work around the clock fighting fires. “Our biggest concern is making sure people are looking out for their own health, people are staying cool and hydrated,” said Chelsea Burkett, Cal Fire.

Burkett said you can help control fires too by cutting your grass early in the morning. Burkett said when the temperatures get hot, Cal Fire sees mainly two things — some people stay inside while others go outside to the lakes, and she has a warning for people planning to be out on the water.

“It’s important to use any floatation devices and make sure you pay attention to bodies of water and how they are moving, if you don’t know how to swim it’s probably best not to be in the water,” said Burkett.

Burkett added wearing lighter colors helps with staying cool outside.