California brides offer reward for wedding videos stolen from photographer


Two California newlywed brides might never see the wedding video from their big days. 

A thief stole their photographer’s gear, which included those videos. And now, the two women are teaming up to try to get it back. 

The newlyweds’ happiness shines through in photographs. But a short cell phone video shows what the pictures couldn’t capture.

Everyone else’s joy at seeing them say I do.

“These are our life memories,” newlywed Elina Radulescu said.

Radulescu, of Encino, and another bride, Ericka So, of Sacramento, may never watch anything but cell phone snippets of their perfect day because their wedding footage was stolen.

“We were just devastated,” Radulescu said. “I mean, my husband was devastated which I didn’t expect. My family flying in for this special occasion and our friends, things that nothing in the world could replace.” 

Both women hired videographer Steve Park to shoot and edit their nuptials.

He says he had ordered a drive to back up the video for both weddings but never got the chance

On Aug. 13, his laptop and SD cards were stolen from his car on Hobart and Wilshire in Koreatown.

“I know he’s very remorseful, and we appreciate him being remorseful,” Radulescu said.

Now, the two brides have teamed up, offering a $2,000 no questions asked.

“If someone just wants to send back the footage, keep the laptop as your souvenir, I don’t care,” Radulescu said. 

Both women had hired separate photographers to snap pictures at their wedding and loved ones have sent cell phone videos. But only the videographer rolled on every detail.

And years from now, they want to be able to actually hear the last of their loved ones even to count the seconds the smiles lingered. 

“It’s just the priceless moments that we can’t get back,” Radulescu said.

The brides set up a special e-mail address for tips.

Anyone with information can contact them at



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